Washington University in St. Louis
WU School of Medicine The Farrell Learning and Teaching Center

520 S. Euclid Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110

Robert Emmet Connor Auditorium

1st Floor
Registrar's Office - 362-6848 - Request Form
  • 3 LCD Projectors – High resolution.  Ceiling mounted. Single and dual presentation display.  Control panel on podium switches the display between Laptop computer, Cassette Player, VCR and DVD (Access to VCR, DVD and Cassette Player is gained from the Audiovisual booth at the rear of the auditorium).
  • 3 Retractable Ceiling-mounted Projection Screens – 2 Small, side by side and 1 Large, centered to the auditorium. Only one may be used at a time.
  • Dry/Erase white boards with Dry/Erase Markers
  • Two Wireless Lavaliere “Clip-On” Microphones
  • One “Hand-Held” Wireless Microphone
  • Podium – Equipped with control panel, VGA connector for laptop computer video, 1/8” connector for laptop computer audio, RJ-45 (Ethernet) connector for internet connectivity, built-in microphone. Motorized controls adjust the height of the podium to suit the user. Drink holders.
  • VCR – Standard VHS VCR for playback only. (Accessed from the Audiovisual Booth)
  • Cassette Decks – Both playback and record. Single deck for playback, dual deck for recording.  (Accessed from the Audiovisual Booth)
  • Audio CD Player  (Accessed from the Audiovisual Booth)
  • DVD Player (Accessed from the Audiovisual Booth)
AV Equipment Instructions:
YouTube Video - Requesting help
(To reserve additional equipment for Multimedia Presentations and/or to have equipment  delivered for you for a nominal fee, please contact MSCITS Audiovisual Services at 362-2793 or via email at MSCITS-AV@msnotes.wustl.edu.)




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