Washington University in St. Louis
WU School of Medicine The Farrell Learning and Teaching Center

Atrium of the FLTC

Small Group/Conference Rooms -
201 through 212 and 213A-B, 214A-B

2nd Floor

201-212 - 18
213 - 29, undivided
214 - 42, undivided

Registrar's Office - 362-6848 - Request Form
  • LCD Projector – High resolution ceiling mounted. Control panel on podium switches the display between Laptop computer, VCR and Cable Net. Single and dual presentation display
  • One desk top computer. Windows XP. Office XP. 15” monitor. An additional laptop for dual presentations is available upon request
  • Dry/Erase white boards
  • One Retractable Ceiling-mounted Projection Screens – Small and Large, only one may be used at a time.
  • VCR – Standard VHS VCR for playback only.
  • Audio CD Player
  • DVD Player
AV Equipment Instruction Videos:
(To reserve equipment for Multimedia Presentations and/or to have it delivered for you, please contact MSCITS Audiovisual Services at 362-2793.)


520 S. Euclid Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63110


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