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Art in Farrell: 2nd Floor Exhibitors

2D Exhibitor: Richard Keeling

“I've used a camera ever since I was a child. I found it to be a window into a moment. More than that, a recording instrument for that instance. Until quite recently, I paid little attention to the technicalities of camera equipment. If I was starting out today, I would probably be using a smart phone camera. But even when I became more acquainted, I kept the same outlook. It informs all I do.”

“Photography is a process as much as a result. As an end viewer, you do not share in the choices made to generate what you see; the film developing, the cropping, the color balancing so many small decisions. A record of a moment? Even the least manipulated image you see here is further away than I would like to pretend. It's an imperfect art but then again, what art isn't?”–Richard Keeling

3D Exhibitor: Rashmi Ramani

"Since my childhood I have been drawing on traditional media until 2014 when I moved to Saint Louis. I found my roommates had lot of used wine bottles. With a passion for art and recycling, I started doodling on the bottles. These eco-friendly pieces were created with everyday objects that are often overlooked. The intricate patterns help me stay creative whilst increasing my focus. The simplicity of the art medium conveys that we can transform something plain into something unique and beautiful" -Rashmi Ramani (Eco friendly Zentangle Glass Bottles)